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Kill’n Stix ™ Micro Ventilator LT Series

Kill’n Stix ™ Micro Ventilator LT Series

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The Kill’n Stix ™ Micro Ventilator LT Series is built with 40 ton modulus carbon.

Which means they are tough. Really tough. 

With a wide range of spines from 250-600, the Micro Ventilator LT Series will easily match your setup for 3D, Field, or target shooting.

For speed and penetration, the Micro Ventilator LT Series is unstoppable as a hunting arrow. They fly like darts and hit like a sledgehammer.

Note: Bare shaft Micro Ventilator LT Series pricing includes a Bohning F Nock.

Fletched Micro Ventilator LT Series pricing includes a Bohning F Nock, and fletched with three 2" Bohning Blazer Vanes (straight fletch).

Outsert options direct link below.

KS Xtreme(45&55 Gr) / Stainless(120 Gr) Outsert


The Aluminum outsert is available for 250, 300, 350, & 400 spine shafts.

The Stainless outsert is ONLY available for 250 and 350 spine shafts.

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